LOD Screen Size Unchangeable


I am getting really annoyed with the LOD System in UE4 at the moment. I am never able to change the LOD Screen Size to the values I want.
LOD 0 - LOD 1 is working everytime to my satisfaction but everything after that sometimes isn’t changeable.
I can see the current Screen Size and want to adjust the LOD Values according to what I see so I can assure the best Distance for switching the LOD Levels. But I am not able to get LOD 2 - LOD 3 working so that it looks good.
For example:
LOD 0 = 1.0;
LOD 1 = 0.1;
LOD 2 = 0.005;
LOD 3 = And this will snap to 0.0 and is not changeable although in the Editor Screen Size (0.000000) has a lot more values which should make it possible to make something like 0.001 but no thats not working.
(LOD3 is the billboard)

I am not sure why there was the transition from distance to now the Screen Size which makes life much harder if it is not working as it should.
And yes I have testet other Settings and so on but it is always ugly as hell and it just switches through the LOD’s way to quick or not at all because it puts them in -X.XXX region(or snap to 0.0).

What can I do to prevent it or is this a bug or something that will be addressed in the future. I thought this was a bug a while ago, but since it still hasn’t been changed I am not so sure anymore.

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I’ve looked at this setup and I’m not sure I’m understanding exactly what you’re seeing because I’ve tried this and I’m not seeing the popping that you’re describing. I’ve set the LODs screen size to the limits you’ve indicated with exception to LOD 3 which defaults to 0.0.

Can you post a video to clearly see what’s going on? Can you also post a screen shot of your load settings with the build settings expanded.

I want to be able to test this with your settings to see if I can reproduce. It may be that the settings are too low or something else. For my test assets I’m using simple objects in the starter content so I can see the changes much more readily.



The LOD3 expection which defaults to 0.0 is the Problem, because 0.0 means that it will never really Change to LOD3.

For Example this High-Poly Gras:

Its a bit diffrent From what I wrote in my Example but I get the smae results. LOD0 is set to 0.5 and the other LOD’s look like this:

And As you can see in the following Video. You can see at which distance the Grass is changing the LOD’s which is the distance I seem fits best for it, but the last important LOD3 I am not able to change to 0.001 which would fit best.


I have got a Tree which is:

LOD0 = 0.1;
LOD1 = 0.05;
LOD2 = 0.025;
LOD3 = 0.003;

And It actually works like that. When I change in that example LOD2 to 0.005 than again LOD3 wil snap to 0.0 and that is my Problem.
I want to set my LOD’s like I find them the best looking which differs from each Object of course. Hopefully you understand now what I mean :slight_smile:

I have experienced the same problem- the last LOD keeps snapping to 0.0 no matter what you type in.

Thank you for the detailed setups. I’ve been able to see where this is happening. I’ve put in a bug report (TTP:343637) for this issue. However, there is no timeline when this will be addressed.

Thank you!


I’ve gotten official word on this that this is in fact not a bug.

The screen size different between LOD levels must be at least .01, otherwise it will recompute and clamp to 0.0.

Thank you!


Thanks for the Information although that is highly annoying to hear.
So there is no way to get the LOD Level you actually want and have to adjust everything to fit the system and potential get Performance or Visual Problems with LOD’s switching to fast, or to late (which would get performance problems on some High-Poly Models) Would like that this decision gets overthought a bit to allow LOD’s on anything what you want or at least .001 before it gets clamped, because in my opinion in a System where you have got values like 0.05 etc there is not much freedom with 0.01 difference. This was all possible when the LOD’s where made on “Distance” rather than Screen-Size which gave me atleast a lot of freedom. Surely you guys know what you are doing and it had some pluses to switch from distance to scree-size.

If you would like you can make a case for this over on the Feedback for Epic section of the Forums. If there is enough people that feel this is something that Epic should look into this is the place to get it started.

Thanks, will do that soon :slight_smile: