LOD Screen Size button

Hey there,

Recently I’ve been importing dozens of 3D models with LOD’s. Somehow the settings (LOD distance) I set in Maya didn’t transfer to Unreal 4 which is either my fault or a little bug. However, that’s not a feature request so I will get to the point :p.

Because the auto-compute LOD distance didn’t produce good results I set the numbers myself based on screen size shown in the StaticMeshEditor. I was curious however if a button next to the Screen size shown in the LOD options could get a dropper like tool which grabs the current value shown in the viewport “Current Screen Size” this would save some time typing the numbers manually.

Maybe I completely missed a piece of a pipeline and I’m making myself look slightly silly, in that case I hope this thread gets deleted into oblivion, if however this is a decent idea I hope it wasn’t a waste of server space ;).

Thanks in advance,