LOD or Instancing for Alembic


I have an alembic file of a cloth simulation and I have imported it into Unreal as a skeletal mesh. This works great and I am able to blend between frames to get a looping walking animation.

However when I try to generate and then view LODs for the alembic skeletal mesh the animation stops working. Is there a way around this? Am I able to generate LODs and have the animation still play?

Alternatively is there a way to instance the alembic skeletal mesh to help with performance?

Thank you

Are you having the engine generate the LOD or are you importing in the new ambic files?

Either way, as far as I know the alembic system works by geometry caching. IF the geometry changes, then the chache no longer applies to it.

Same thing is true for morph targets. If you delete the wrong section you can cause the whole morph to invalidate.

This brings about an interesting idea though… what if the cache didn’t have to be swapped and one could access the same exact data by somehow calculating the correct vertex? (Say one uses a decimate modifier and removes 1 every 10 vertices… if the result is known it could be theoretically possible to have the cache still play put the vertex transition and disregard the data for the removed verticis… to that effect, maybe it either already works this way, or someone has made a plug in… if not, the idea is certainly viable).

Thank you for the quick reply. I figured that was probably the case. I will likely make a few different versions of the alembic file with different poly counts.

Do you know how you can run the cloth simulation inside of the Sequencer?
When you create a cinematic camera and you are using the Sequencer… how can you make sure the physics and the cloth animation will be played?