LOD on World Composition - Clarification Needed

Hi All,

I have a 4KM / 4KM (4X4) tiled Landscape and we have a VR flying game so performance is a challenge and you can see the whole map…

I have added LOD levels to my landscape tile using Level Details / LOD and tried different distances and I see no effect in-game. LODs on the landscape are not appearing to change as I get further away.

Right now I don’t have lots of static meshes all over the map so I think what the Level Details/ LOD is for when you want to pre-build LOD of meshes that are on the landscape?

I see an option in the editor to force LOD levels for landscape and I see 7 LOD’d - So I think this is automatic… How do I adjust the distance level of each LOD so I see them in-game - I have done lots with HLOD and Mesh LOD’s but the world composition is not well documented and I have seen lots of tutorials but no seems to talk about how to modify landscape LOD distances…

Using Layers with different cull distances is not helpful as it’s a flying game you can see the whole map all the time - I had to put all the tiles into a layer with 350K Distance so they don’t pop…

If I can get LOD’s to work I can look at using more (smaller) tiles with more distance options - I have exhausted my tests so hope someone can adivse.