LOD Levels on Skeletal Meshes

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project and I have a question about LOD levels on skeletal meshes. I have a skeletal car mesh which has morph targets; and in its blueprint, dynamic materials are created to adjust its color during the game. I am also thinking of making materials for every LOD levels and putting low-res texture in those materials to optimize the game (i.e in LOD0, 2K texture will be used, and in LOD1, 1024x1024 texture will be used). My question is how can I import all those LOD levels without breaking morph targets and dynamic materials? I mean, during the game, the values of those morph targets will be changed and the car’s color as well. When the LOD1 is active, how can I manage that those values and its color will be same? I searched it on the Internet but I could not find any tutorials.

Thanks in advance.