LOD issues with iToo Forest Pack and Datasmth?

Hey everyone -

I’m beginning to integrate iToo Forest Pack into a Datasmith workflow and I’m having some issues relating to what I think is LODs. See below:

In this image, you can see the trees are in the scene just fine. But when I turn the camera 90 degrees…

They’re gone. They seem to only be showing the correct level of detail when a certain number of the trees are visible in the UE4Editor viewport, above that threshold, they pretty much instantly snap to the “stump only” level of detail.

If I replace the static mesh of the tree inside the hierarchical instanced static mesh component with a mesh from the Marketplace (MAWI Broadleaf tree, for example), the Forest Pack Datasmith object uses that asset’s LODs and performs normally.

Any ideas?

UE4 Editor Version 4.26.2-15973114+++UE4+Release-4.26
3DS Max 2021.3
Datasmith Exporter plugin exporting to 4.26.0
iToo Forest Pack Lite 7.1.2
Windows 10