LOD Generator inside Editor

Hey Epic,

A good feature to improve the performance of the game would be a LOD Generator to make the poly count lower.
This generator makes polys lower by percent like :

-LOD 0 has 100%
-LOD 1 has 80%
-LOD 2 has 50%
-LOD 3 has 20%

Btw when you import LOD’s every time the last LOD gets not automatically the same materials.


There’s third-party tools for that, but automatic methods don’t generally produce good results.

hmh I dont know but I was using for now and it has good results and it is automaticly :slight_smile:

If you’re able to model the thing in the first place, then you can certainly make LOD’s better than any automatic method.

The automatic solutions I heard of are Simplygon (Link) and Crytek’s CryEngine LOD Generator, didn’t know about Mixamo’s solution for this.
While I heard that those solutions work fairly well, I would be careful. Most likely an artists can do a better job, even though I wouldn’t be surprised if automatic methods get better than artists with time.
Getting Epic to do an own solution would be tedious (for them to come up with) and might not work as well. It sounds like a nice feature, but I’m not sure how well the end result would be.

Personally, from what I could gather, the best solution for now is Simplygon. It even has an engine integration, so it looks like what you are requesting.

There are a lot of decimation apps out there is BSD or MIT license. Could just integrate it into UE4.

I personally use Blender’s Decimate modifier, MeshLab and Instant Meshes.