LOD from Maya into UDK

Hi there,
New in the forum and my first post. Trying to get tones of pieces, part of a set (a full cave scanned) into UDK. I have done all different LODs and looking all over the place I only found ways to bring the whole package of LODs + textures using Max. Any suggestions how to do this with Maya?
Otherwise the only option will be doing this from UDk one by one?

Thanks in advance


Hey Armando, welcome to the forums!

Are you working in UDK or UE4?


I’m working in UE4
Thanks for your help so soon


Hi Armando,

We do have our documentation that covers this a little bit. It can be a little sparse with the details of how to exactly set this up though.

Here is a video for setting up and exporting LODs in Maya that should be useful. Personally I use Max, but this looks like it should get the job done for you. :slight_smile:

If this method isn’t working for you, there are options to import your LODs manually.

You can do this by importing your base mesh then opening that via the content browser to the mesh viewer. In the details panel to the right you’ll see the option for Base LOD that’s a drop-down menu. When you select that you’ll get the option to import LOD 1 and so on.

The maximum number of LODs you can have is 4. Your base mesh plus three lower LODs.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the help and quick reply. Now that I see this documentation you send, I understand UE4 reads the the LOD nodes from Maya. I have all my LODs done this way indeed, I wasn’t sure it will work.

All working good now.

Thanks again,

Great! Glad that’s working for you! :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask anytime if you have any issues.