LOD for Media Textures and higher resolution media Player

Im working on event previews for VR. Basically giant show stages mostly consisting of LED screen walls. Im Using Media Textures to display the animated contet on the screen geometry wich cover 75% of the screen space depending of where you look in VR.
Currently im noticing an added 7 to 9 ms per frame on the GPU as soon as I start the media player. That’s a major dealbreaker for reaching the native 75fps on the DK2 for example. Having LOD options in the media textures settings similar to regular textures would probably help a bunch.

Also the Full HD Limit for the Media player is kind of a bottleneck regarding quality espacially considering the new higher res VR headsets coming out.

I know this isnt a feature a lot of people need but for event- and arch-vis this would be great to have.

It’s going to depend on your hardware as far as how well that type of thing will play.

Thanks for your fast reply!

I am aware that my hardware is a bottleneck here (i’m on a gtx 960 right now) but thats excatly why it would be great to safe some performance with LODs for media textures. So we can focus an making the rest of the project look good instead of stripping everything down just to get it to play at a reasonably framerate.

I can’t even get 13,33ms in unlit mode with no geometry except the screens, no fancy post processing, no AA, no AO.