LOD bug and other LOD questions

Hey guys,

I wanted to report a bug that I’m facing when importing LODs in 4.7 preview.

It seems that when I import an LOD to my mesh, and switch the meshe’s LOD group to Folliage, my imported LOD gets deleted. Once I re-import the LOD while in folliage group - my LOD group reverts to “none” and weirdly, it adds an extra material slot for the mesh when in editor. I did this a couple of times and ended up with 4 material slots on my mesh in the scene.

I would also like to ask about LOD transitions - right now I’m aware there is no form of blending between LOD meshes like in UE3 (with screen door fade effect). Is this something that will be added soon? any ETA?



Hi JHBurton,

I’ve entered a bug for the LOD Group for Foliage wiping the date. The workaround for this would be to set the LOD Group when you import the mesh as it will retain the Foliage LOD Group and the LODs properly. Also, using the right click context menu and reimporting will populate the LODs again and retain the foliage LOD group. If you do a fresh import and overwrite the previous mesh it will revert to “none” as you pointed out.

The bug report reference is UE-9102.

With 4.7 there is a new transition for LODs with the foliage tool to make it a smoother transition instead of the “pop” that can happen. There are plans to do this for Static mesh LODs as well, but I do not know a specific ETA for when that will be implemented.

Thank you!


Hi JHBurton,

Just to let you know that this has recently been fixed and is available here.

Hey Richard,

The link seems to have failed :frowning: - could you please repost it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The 404 error you see just means you need to log in with your GitHub account, or create one if you have not done so already. You will also need an active subscription and the ability to compile the source build.

Hey Tim,

Even when logged into GitHub I get the 404 error :frowning:

Hmm…It goes straight to it for me.

Some things to consider:

have my GitHub and Unreal accounts linked but still getting the 404 error. It’s okay though - I assume this will be fixed for 4.7 final release? If so I’ll just wait till then :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure if this will make it into 4.7 as that was already branched. This will more than likely be in 4.8. The JIRA doesn’t list a “fixed” release version yet as it is still listed as “Needs Code Review.”

Just to be clear then - the link you provided was a fix for the LOD group bug, and doesn’t include LOD transitions right? If it does include the LOD transition I’ll have to figure out how to get this link to work, if not, it’s not something important for my project - just a bug I wanted to report :slight_smile:

by LOD transitions are you referring to the smooth LOD transitions in the foliage tool now?

Foliage tool smoothing: Dropbox - Error

If that’s the case that is correct, this has not been added yet for anything other than just the foliage tool.

Yeah, I mean exactly that but for Static Meshes… Like the screen door Fade effect you could use in UE3… Guess I’ll just have to wait! hehe

Thanks for all your help!

No problem. Looking forward to it myself. :slight_smile:

I don’t even see anything about LOD fading on the Trello board. I think this is pretty surprising, I mean I’m sure people would love to utilize LODs more for performance, but the popping is quite an immersion breaker as it is actually quite noticeable most of the time. Any word on getting some Screen Door Fade on Trello would be awesome!

@Daemon Vanderpool It’s already in the editor. Foliage will do it by default. Other static meshes that would like to use this can have this enabled in the material for the mesh.

Ah cool, the dithered LOD transitions works perfectly for meshes, thanks for the quick clarification!