LoD box bug


i created a simple LoD mesh in 3ds max. Here’s a picture :

When I import it to UE4 the box in LoD3 begins to flicker. The same thing happens when I add the LoDs to the StaticMeshEditor. I also tried exporting it from Blender but then the Vertices dont match up anymore and the box is displayed wrong.

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Hey Ulrich,

I was able to confirm that flickering issue you encountered in Rocket Beta 6. Thanks for pointing it out! I tested on our current internal build and the flickering did not occur. We do not expect this to be an issue in future releases.

I can also see the differences you mentioned between the 3ds Max file and the Blender file, but without having created the assets myself, I am unable to confirm the source of the problem. It seems likely that 3DS Max and Blender have different export settings that are affecting the size of your assets. Your LOD distance settings are different for each of the assets as well, which is what causes your Blender model to appear at LOD3 so quickly; the distance for LOD3 on your Blender model is set at 1300, and for your LOD3 distance on your 3DS Max model is 8192. You can override these import settings within the Static Mesh editor.

Hope that helps!


Ben Halliday

Hey Ulrich,

Thank you for your report. Could you send us the asset that you are experiencing this issue with or a test asset on which you can reproduce the error? Once I have this, I can investigate the issue further.


Ben Halliday

Hi Ben,

here the files: