I can’t get a variable into LOCTABLE_FROMFILE_GAME 3rd parameter, the path/file

ir works without variables: LOCTABLE_FROMFILE_GAME(“Texte_Sprachen”, “Texte_EN”, “Localization/Deutsch.csv”);

I’m trying to get the last parameter to accept a variable, BUT FString or FPaths both don’t work.
Could someone please show me an example of what to use here?

Tried (besides a lot more):
“file” is a FString variable for instance “Localization/Deutsch.csv”

FPaths path= (FPaths::GameDir() + file);
LOCTABLE_FROMFILE_GAME(“Texte_Sprachen”, “Texte_EN”, path);

I can’t get my head around this please help, I’ve wasted more time on this than on the rest my own read-language from files system.

Please guys, help a fellow developer understand C++ :wink:
I also can input a “File Path Structure” into the function, just please show me how to use it as 3rd parameter for LOCTABLE_FROMFILE_GAME.

Ok, I’ve got it solved by using the basis function not the sh***y macro, it looks like this:

FStringTableRegistry::Get().Internal_LocTableFromFile(“Texte_Sprachen”, “Texte_EN”, Variable, FPaths::ProjectContentDir())