Locomotion(Seamless) Animation System

Hello everyone!
I’m Ryze!
100%BP, and has a portability, that is, whether it is gunfire action, or RPG cold weapons and other operating systems, locomotion are applicable.
The current action system is as follows:

Kubold:** UE4 Kubold Shooter Controller - YouTube
(Support for many people,Support Multiplayer Game)

V1:UE4 Mocap Seamless Locomotion System - YouTube

Update1: UE4 Mocap Seamless Locomotion System Update 1 - YouTube
(Update rifle shot, loading)

Update2: UE4 Mocap Locomotion System Update 2 -Multiplayer game - YouTube
(Support for many people,Support Multiplayer Game)

Currently the RootMotion Controller (RootMotion Controller)
Doing InPlace Controller.
As a result of 100% of the root to achieve the root bone effect, need to mocap data curve into the UE animation curve.
If the brother know how to get the data, please give guidance under the brother!
Best Regards. (paid for advice)

Of course, the above has been said to be available for other operating systems, I will only upload the swordsmanship (Kubold: SwordAnimsetPro)
UE4 Kubold Sword Controller V1 - YouTube
Actually has completed two-handed sword, sword and shield, there is part of the fighting (Kubold: FightingAnimserPro) system

Does the multiplayer portion also use Root Motion?

Where can we buy this? i dont see any info on this?