Locomotion Mod V1

Locomotion Mod V6 Relase


  • A button opens menu
  • B is Jump (hold to charge)
  • Y is Slow Mo (now changed to 10 seconds)
  • When in loco mode you can change between r stick turn or teleport by clicking right stick
  • Left thumb stick is click to sprint, you do not need to hold you will sprint until stamina reduced
  • ESC will return to Hub for end of level bug

ChangeLog :

Menu system overhaul

You can now do the following in the menu

  • Select Onward motion where your left hand decides direction of travel
  • Head turning where you go in the direction you are looking
  • Superhot mode on and off
  • Teleport only puts the game back to teleporting only but leaves the 360deg fix and also the slow mo button active.
  • Walk speeds, now has an extra speed

Known Issues and coming soon

  • Some times you will not take damage, I have found the cause and it will be fixed in next version, SOME THINGS YOU WILL TAKE DAMAGE ON
  • You cannot ride the Big robots, we should have this done by next version
  • Next version will have players movement stopped when bot blocks teleporting
  • Left handed option in next version

Hopefully everyone will find this new button layout better.

Link to Download : Dropbox - LocomotionV6.zip - Simplify your life


Coming very soon

-A rework of the bots to provide a higher challenge when using the loco mod

  • Release the gun pack in full

Map and game mode coming soon

New skyscraper Survival Map with custom scores that work with the mod

Just overwrite existing locomotion mod

Unpack double click to install, then in games select mods, enable and select mission on the right.

Link to download : Dropbox - LocomotionV5.rar - Simplify your life

Remember at this time Mods cannot be used with the main story mode. When you activate the mod there is a level list down the right hand side, you click one to start.

Fancy donating? Here’s how (although will NEVER be required)


Thanks man :slight_smile: good work!
The right stick for the camera would be great please fix it

I would like to keep loco in there if possible but will look to assign another bottom to flip bet loco and teleport

V3 released

  • Locomotion adjusted
  • Snap turning implemented by right stick (click left to enter) 45 degree
  • Slowmo (bullet time) Press Y on left controller
  • Jump with right stick click
  • Speed adjustments made for comfort

Edit V4 released below

Thanks, i hate teleport ^^ could u add smooth turn maybe ?

V5 now released

Just overwrite existing locomotion mod

You are my God MGSStudio. Thank you SO SO SOOOOO MUCH. It may just be coming from one person. But modders like you make games like Robo recall fantastic.

Pleasure :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to try my timewarp mod

And also new weapons

Sorry weapon link

V5 now released, Changelog i opening post as is download link

here I just tried the mod in the first level and the end of game glitch still happened. Also the movement slows down at certain angles of view. I’m still testing the mod and I have no coding knowledge but so far this makes the game way more fun. I looking at the mod from a designer perspective and this is way better then just teleporting.

Hey, thanks. I am working on fixing the end of level bug. In regards to slow down in onwards mode the turning is controlled by your left hand and where it is pointing, so if your pointing downwards it will be slow. IN V6 coming shortly you will be able to turn where your looking as i will be adding this feature back in.


V6 Released

I’m doing a mod and I want to know how you did it to activate the jump, I am a beginner with Unreal Engine ?

Thank you for this mod it’s awesome!! However, it would be a lot nicer for my use (Virtuix Omni directional Treadmill) if the sprint was changed for hold for sprint. Also it would be cool if the stamina time was removed so that it would be based on actual stamina. If not a stamina bar would be nice.

I realize this probably won’t be add but it never hurts to ask. Thanks again.