Locomotion+ClosecombatF+kobaldspro can it be done?

Man I was hoping to understand how to mix animation states my goal is to be a third person game using locomotion v2 were ur walking then enter close combat using the close combat kit, then pull out a sword using sword anim pro pack, then a pistol using the pistols Animset and finally rifle pro set. it costed me a lot of money to get all those yet I can’t combine them any idea how to do so I’m on a 5 month vacation so I’m dedicating everyday to this if someone can help with blending these packs or make a video or any help in general. If someone can pull this off while helping me I will put you in the credits and pay u for as long as th game is making money but that’s not my focus at all atm. Imagine grand theft auto mini star citizen ninja gaiden yakuza and cancelled 2011s prey 2 all in one. Anyway I got lots of time on my hands pls I’m restless lol