Locking rotation on a non physics spline sbject

I currently have a ship flying around using a spline following the splines direction, however I would like to either lock or limit the amount of how much the ship is able to rotate upwards or downwards on the Z Axis, .So that it always looks forward even when travelling up or down. any ideas?

here are some pics and the blueprint

Yes, only take the Z rotation from the spline, take the X and Y from the current mesh position.

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to help me again, I’m still very new to Blueprints. How would I go about to only get the Z rotation from the spline? Would a Break / Make Rotator in the BP be the correct action to use?

I have achieved somewhat success with the Break / Make method,( it is the Y axis not the Z, I confused the 2 hehe ) However I don’t think it’s sufficient as the ship doesn’t bank around corners anymore, it does however turn and behave as I want it to, just without the angling when it turns. But im sure it’s probably not the method you described above lol :slight_smile:

EDIT: It appears that the banking is there, I just didn’t notice it until i really curved the spline a lot…Therefore it would appear that my problem is solved then! :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your help once again,

You’re on the right track ( no pun ). I was doing this exact thing recently. If you want the ship to bank properly then you need to follow all 3 axis. If it’s banking to much or too weirdly, that basically means you have too much twist in the spline.

Things to try are re-drawing the spline with less twists ( it’s a skill ). Or try switching to ‘local’ on the follow rotation node.

PS: Quote me when you reply, otherwise I don’t know you’ve updated the feed… :slight_smile:

Cool stuff will do!:cool: Thanks again, I’ll play around a bit and see what works best, I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m stuck again and come running to the forums again. :p:p

No worries.

The trick to drawing the spline ( I found ), is to first draw it from top view only. So, it’s totally flat, but visits all the right places. Then go back to perspective view and adjust the heights without adding twist ( you have to watch which axis you use on the widget, also sometimes switching between world and local mode helps ):