Locking only horizontal spread

Hello. I am trying to make an Unreal Engine Genji-type character and was having trouble with his right-click. The problem is that I do not know how to only change the horizontal spread of my shurikens, and when I am looking in any other direction than the one I am modifying, the shurikens either don’t go left and right or they do weird things. Can someone help?

Hi man,
you can:
1)use the get-Forward and then rotate the vector for some degrees in z axis using the node vector rotate RotateVectorAroundAxis | Unreal Engine Documentation
2) since you know that your actor have a Forward vector, use the Right vector too!
These vectors are normalized so they have length of 1 unit, so like you done in your blueprint, you can multipply it for something.
If you add forward(x100) and right (x100), you end up with 45 degrees, (-x100 will get you -45 degrees)