Locking 3rd person camera

I am just starting to learn Unreal, the Tutorials are not helpful to me because there is too much explanation.
I need bare bones.

How can I lock the player camera behind the “Character” like in Witcher or other games.

the explanation is there to teach you how to do things. give a man a fish right.

anyways since you want someone to show you how to do it here you go. assuming your working off the basic third person template, all you need to do is have your turning input connected to a add controller yaw input, then you need to uncheck use pawn control rotation in the spring arm settings. if your using the third person template the first step is already done and is connected to the mouse input.

Hey thanks for the help.

I just learn differently, having everything explained of how and why it works first doesnt help me because I have nothing to connect it to, once I understand the “HOW” i can then understand the “WHY” better.