Locked Door and Key BP not working.

Hello, I’m having an issue getting doors to interact with locks. I’ve been following this tutorial:
Basically I’m trying to get collectable keys to unlock specific doors through the use of a “Key Channel” integer array.
I have managed to get the player to pick the key up and if I take the first “branch” node in the door event graph and forward true and false answers to the second branch node I can get the door to move but it doesn’t matter if I have the key or not. Also if I disconnect everything from “Event On Interaction” for the door and insert a “Print String” it works, but if I add a “Print String” after the second branch, it won’t print. It makes me think my problem lays with either the “Key Channel” or the “Has Key?” but I can’t find it.
There’s some small thing I’m not seeing and I’m hoping someone can help me spot it.
If you need any more info, please let me know and I’ll do my best to provide it.
PS: The key and door are using the same Key Channel value.

In the key BP, you’re not adding the key to the array, is that intentional?

Hello Clockwork and thank you for your thoughts. I double-checked since you pointed it out, this is how it was done in the video so it was intentional on my part. The Array comes into play when the character interacts with an object. I’m guessing but I think this is because keys can only exist on one KeyChannel at a time, whereas a player can access many KeyChannels.

Just for fun I tried adding it through an array using an “AddUnique” command, but no luck there.

This is what I mean:

The add key node is not connected… :slight_smile:

Ugh! I always do that! lol thank you ClockworkOcean! It works now :smiley: