"Lock Viewport to Actor" Camera Controls are buggy


I’m trying to place some camera actors in the level and am using the “Lock Viewport to Actor” function. I’d expect the controls to be just like the normal viewport camera controls, but after a few seconds the camera really gets out of control - everything I do, the camera always rotates left, sometimes jumping from one place to another.

Is there maybe a way to just move the default viewport to the right location/direction and then somehow update the camera’s location/direction to those of the viewport? (similar to “Create Camera here”, but with an existing camera)

I’m using release 4.3.


Hey, BBartonW. It sounds like your problem is different from anteevy’s. Can you make your own Question with this information? That would make it easier to help you specifically. If anteevy is still having his problem, we can help him separately.

Hey, anteevy.

Are you still having this issue?

Still using 4.3. I’ll report back when I’ve updated. :slight_smile:

Any luck, anteevy?

Just tested it with 4.5:

I think it’s better than before, but still not as expected. When looking down, then moving left or right and finally looking up again, the view is… leaning to one side. I think the problem is that the camera rotation in the editor (just as in spectator mode etc. in games) is limited to 2 axes so that it can’t lean sideways, but when possessing a camera object, somehow all 3 axes can be rotated and that is not controllable with a 2D mouse. Hard to explain… :smiley:

Hey anteevy,

Just following up on this. The bug in the original post is fixed, but the second issue you mentioned - where the ‘Roll’ rotation component is not restricted as normal - is a different bug. We’ve reported that one internally and will investigate it further.