lock vehicle blueprint with spline mesh

Hi everyone
In my first racing project i need to " lock " vehicle blueprint with spline mesh (road) . Because the road has rotation in all directions .
please guide me

There is no magic button called “do my game”.
If your idea is too complicated for you, cut some stuff out, and create simple prototype first. You will learn in the process and maybe can make your original idea later.

Why i wrote that? Because locking your vehicle to spline is not an answer for racing game, it creates more problems down the line than it solves.
When you have your cars follow road you will have next question something like “how to make my car drift, btw it is locked to the spline”

Answer for you is C++ and gravity vector that is locked to spline (no do not make player get enough speed to do all those loops, it is not that much fun, and you will have hell making AI for that even further down the road). So stick to gravity vector override in C++ which is not trivial at all (well maybe trivial, but needs some editing of code, and finding where to alter that code is not trivial).

Thanks for your answer and guide , I’m trying .