Lock relative roll from custom axis?

I’m trying to lock the relative roll of an object being rotated. Keep in mind the axis of rotation is relative so the roll is also relative meaning just locking the roll doesn’t work. Below is my current rotation BP.

The object/Item being rotated “Inspect Hand” adds the input from the mouse X and Y. It uses this value as its angle while the player’s camera is used for the axis, this allows the object to rotate relative to the player camera.

Although this works as intended, I want to remove the relative roll from this rotation, so that the object/item is more easy to manipulate in game. Below is a gif showing the current rotation in action, with the relative rotation printed to aid in debugging.

link:[Imgur: The magic of the Internet]

If any additional clarification is needed let me know and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I’m open to other approaches for the rotation code provided they have the same functionality.
Thank you,