Lock on turning camera

I made a lock on blueprint and it works except that when I try to lock on the body of the character rotates to the Ai instead of the camera rotating. Is there any way to do the camera instead. I tried to imput the camera boom as the target in the second part of the picture but it doesnt want to connect. Anyone got any Ideas on how to solve this?

You’re using SetActorRelativeRotation, so it won’t let you plug a component reference into it. When in doubt, let the context-sensitivity help you out: Control-drag in the camera boom component to make a reference to it, then drag a wire off that and add an AddRelativeRotation node.

Sooooo that didnt work. it makes the camera spaz out and goes out of its orginal postion. Did I forget to mention that this is a third person game
This is what it is doing