Lock movement on the Z axis

I am relatively new to the UE4. I was just playing around with Unreal Engine 4 but now I decided, I want to go deeper into it.

I want to make a very simple Ball Maze game. So you have to maneuver a ball through a maze by tilting the whole thing.
I got that tilting thing going for me, but my issue is: When I press multiple buttons (like W and A) to make a diagonal tilt the whole maze rotates a bit on the Z axis. If I repeat this, I can rotate the Maze 360 degrees.
Is there a way to avoid this? Can you please explain, why this happens? Below is the Blueprint I used! Thanks!



If you click the object that is in the level that causes the platform to tilt or the platform it’s self, scroll down in the details panel and their should be a liner damping and a angular damping, try those. And there is also a thing were you can lock position x, y, z try flickering with those.
This might or might not work I apologies if it doesn’t, I just recently got down the basics of UE4.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Didnt work for me :confused: I think its a error with the blueprint but I cant figure out whats wrong. I just dont know what causes the maze to rotate on the Z axis :frowning:

Hey, can you post a photo of your blueprint so I can see what might be the problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think what is happening is when you press w it is tilting forward and when you let go it doesn’t have time to go back so when you hit a key before it gets back its causing that offset.

I think you should try a break rotation node and a make rotation node. Heres a link to it’s doc: Break Rotator | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hope you get it working! :slight_smile:

You mean like this right? If yes, it didnt change anything for me. :frowning: Appreciate your replies though. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ya something like that but you don’t got anything connected to them.

Sorry I’m not helping I’m some what new to UE4 as well. Hey admins or someone can you help us out lol?

Hey man. Listen, you need to change one of your axis inputs to local rotation instead of world rotation.

Like this kinda