Lock cursor to HUD center crosshair


I’m a complete noob with no experience, so please forgive me.

I’m creating a first person 3d point and click, where I would like the cursor locked to the center of the screen and controlling the camera view. I have a first person template open with the center HUD crosshair (I’ve deleted the gun and player mesh though, and replaced the crosshair material with another cursor material).

I had assumed that the mouse cursor was set to the center crosshair already, but I’ve been encountering a problem as Begin/end curser over events and click events are not reliably firing while the crosshair is over the object.

Is there a way to permanently lock the cursor to the center of the viewport (ie correspond to the HUD crosshair), and rotate the view around it? (Apart from UI menus etc)

I’ve been googling like crazy, but I haven’t found an answer…

I have the same problem, and if someone can help please do

Try This in HUD First person Blueprint: