Lock camera direction with player direction (top down)


I’m working with the top down template, and I’m trying to find a way to lock the camera so that the character is always facing the top of the screen. By this I mean that when the character turns, he remains looking towards the top of the screen, and the level rotates around him. I’m very new to this but have searched a round a bit, but the answer isn’t obvious to me :confused:

Thanks for any help.

Hello Glory.

I made a little mini tutorial for you. Hope it helps :).


Thank you very much kirahirasai, that’s incredibly helpful of you! In fact, that’s the best response to any question on any forum I’ve ever asked! I’m very grateful, thanks again.

No problem. I guess I will continue doing these mini tutorials. It gets rid of many potential questions and can be used for others, who face the same problem. People also don’t have to invest all their time to search around for tutorials, to barely find some information regarding the problem at hand :).

Have fun with your project!