Lock camera and undo camera move?

Is it possible to lock a camera? I find myself hoping on the cine camera to check out the shot, forgetting im in it and move it around. If there is no lock camera option, is there and undo camera move option?

Probably very obvious questions (which i couldnt find the answers to) but Im fairly new at the engine.


Undo camera move is CTRL-Z, like any undo :slight_smile:

Weirdly enough this doesnt work for me. Is this supposed to work when you are piloting the camera?

Undo only works for “moving” camera and not piloting.

Best solution is to use view bookmarks (ctrl+1 - 9), this saves your viewport angle, if you move the camera by accident, Jump to your bookmark view and right click on the camera and select “Snap object to view”

Still a stupid problem a full year later. Come on Epic, do you really want users to lose all their camera keying over an undo command that doesn’t work?

so an update to this… i recently moved to UE5 and found this free plugin

Works well!

Why this isnt shipped with unreal by default is a mystery!