Lock axis through blueprint

Hello, I want to dynamically set the release of lock position degrees of freedom through the blueprint, but there seems to be no effective access function. Does anyone know how to solve it?


thank you very much.You can send it to my Google email gaojujian@gmail.com

Here’s the download link, in case someone else needs it too: UE4 Blueprint Axis Locker - Browse Files at SourceForge.net

Thank you very much.It is working.

Great! I’ll convert my comment into answer, please mark it Resolved so that other people could find it faster if needed.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that via Blueprints at the moment. The next best thing is to create a physics constraint and lock rotation there.

However, I need that in my project too, and I’m going to create C++ functionality to lock axes. I can make it into an actor component and share it with you, if you’re willing to implement one C++ class in your project.