Lock a UE4 project?

Hi everyone,

i would like to know if is possible to lock a project o similar thing to avoid that the person who is going to get it, he can’t do changes, just see the scene and materials, etc…

Is possible?

Thanks a lot!

No, if you want them to be able to load the project in the editor it can’t have something like that. That’s potentially a feature that Epic could add but they’d have to implement it into the editor/engine
Alternately, if you just want them to look at what you’ve made, you can create a build of your project so they wouldn’t be looking at your project files but instead just an output where the files aren’t editable. But that would only be for if you just want to allow them to look around at the map.

Okay, i understood.

Thanks for the help darth!

Agree, it’d be better if this was an official feature. But you can always still try something like this.
Never tried it on an entire project, but it probably works. But only lock content: (*.assets *.umap).
Don’t lock the entire project folder (INI’s or other config files), and backup / clone the project first!

I think he wants a way that the person he shares it with has no way of being able to edit the files, what you’re talking about there just prevents you from accidentally modifying a file but doesn’t prevent you from just changing the setting back.

exactly darth