Location triggered audio variable

Hi I’m in my first couple of days of UE4 and I’d like to set left mouse to trigger a sound when pressed and when released to stop the sound but with a variable to make the sound different depending on a location factor.

I was thinking of using trigger boxes. So when the character is in one box it plays one sound when the left mouse button is pressed but if the character is moved to a different trigger box it will play a different sound. This will allow me to use the same button to trigger different sounds at different times.

I’d like to test it with 4 trigger boxes and 4 sounds (if trigger boxes are the right thing to use that is) When the character is on a orange cube and I press left mouse I want it to play a sound assigned to that cube.

I was thinking of using the footsteps tutorials out there and modifying them. Using a similar blueprint design but rather footsteps on a particular surface just have the left button mouse trigger a different sound.

Then I thought I should seek your guys advice and see if there’s a better way!

I’ve uploaded a picture to show what I’m working with. http://postimg.org/image/dgugq0m7b/

Hope you guys can help :slight_smile:


Ah no worries. I got it. I just pinched a key trigger thing from a door blueprint. Added the sound to trigger when I press left mouse in a trigger volume.

Probably a bit unclean and has stuff it doesn’t need in it but I’m still getting used to it :smiley: