Location based plugin for UE4?

Is there any location based plugin or SDK such as Wikitude or Mapbox for UE4. I’m trying to create an augmented reality application based on geolocation data.

Sorry am I missing something? I can only see one reply and it is thanking someone for showing how it’s done? I really need to find something on this subject as I am also building a location based AR game. :frowning:

4.27 has a GeoReferencing plugin, that translates coordinates (into various other spaces) > to engine world location. i am working on my own plugin that allows me to use openstreetmap (.osm data) and display (lat/lon) in engine and things match up
from the google maps counterpart.

Thanks, and that rings a bell actually. I am considering stepping down to a lower build as UE5 just isn’t ready for what I need to do. Do you have any idea how long before you’ve finished your plugin? How do you even go about making a plugin!? Way beyond me ha ha!

info on the georeference plugin https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.27/en-US/BuildingWorlds/Georeferencing/

you don’t need to write a plugin to make use of it but you do need your own mechanism for receiving external data to engine, i am using socket.io plugin and nodejs to stream the data to engine from a backend server over ssl .

none of this requires you to make a plugin to achieve this.

as for my plugin i am not sure it will be releasable, as i am pretty much creating a backend view for personal use but a tutorial is hoped for.

how are you getting your geo coords into engine?

p.s if you are new to plugin / c++ i would avoid this path unless you need to (very steep learning curve)

Oh yes I have that document and was going to use it. I’m staying well away from writing plugins because I have nowhere near the coding skills needed, I’m a designer with a basic understanding of code and that’s all unfortunately. I can learn as I go which is why I have been looking for help with this project but in the end I have decided to just go to an older version of Unity because there is a full tutorial on how to make a game like this. UE5 just isn’t supporting it properly.

After I got my head around most of the problems, no matter what I did the packager wouldn’t find .net 3.1 because I had .net 6. I deleted 6 and replaced it with 3.1 and UE just still refused to use it. Nothing I do can get it to launch to android from the AR handheld template project and I’ve already wasted almost 2 weeks on the project as a whole trying to find the best starting point. I know I can do it entirely with Unity with ease so I’m off. I hate software that isn’t properly supported, like, if you’re not going to be there for us when it doesn’t work, then don’t ■■■■ well release it in the first place because you waste our precious time too!

Thanks for your help though Jim.