Localizing Content in Unreal Engine 4.18+

I created a 55 minute video which demonstrates how I localized an app for 12 different languages, my setup and approach, pitfalls and problems, and how to correctly package it.

I highly recommend a source build of the engine because I modify a small part of the localization dashboard to make it more user friendly.

Okay, I ran into some engine side bugs with the localization dashboard which are specific to 4.18 and possibly 4.19. I put in a bug report and got a response about the dashboard not correctly recognizing stale entries (fixed in 4.20). The problem is that if you edit any native text (such as fixing a typo) and then compile your translations, your translations will be stale and cannot get resynched, and when the internal system tries to render localized FText, it just renders the native text entry instead of the localized text.

I decided to just implement my own localization system instead of using the provided localization dashboard. It took me about 1 day to implement and it now works much faster and better than the original approach (which required level changes to take effect and did not support PIE). You can see a demo of it here:

As you can see, I can instantly switch languages and see it take effect :slight_smile:

I’ll probably do a better tutorial series explaining it all when I have time. I now have adobe premier, so I can edit for content and length now. Yay!