Localizing Action RPG Game - March 19

Our South American Evangelist Paulo Souza visited HQ earlier this year, and we took the opportunity to have him demonstrate how to get started with localization in the Action RPG Game. Learn how to localize UMG, textures, and a little bit of Portuguese!

Thursday, March 19 @ 2:00PM ET


Paulo Souza - Evangelist, South America - @UnrealPaulo](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Localization Docs


Hi Victor,
I was wondering when will the new “Text 3D” support localization for contextual analysis languages like Arabic. I have reported this when Text 3D was released in 4.24 and Alex has entered a ticket for it* but so far the ticket doesn’t show any updates (Unresolved).
Note: “Widget Blueprint” works fine with Arabic Contextual analysis through the Localization tool so the technology is already there.


@msanioura I’ve not personally had any involvement with Text 3D, but I implemented the complex shaping support for Slate/UMG. I’m surprised to hear it doesn’t work for Text 3D though, as I was under the impression that it was already using HarfBuzz (which is what we use for the Slate/UMG version). I’ll poke the person in question and see if I can find out more.

Can you show how to forcefully set refreshing of the RPG logo during gameplay?)

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for your reply, and sorry for not replying earlier. I have done several tests using:

  1. the exact same localization method I use when working on “Widget Blueprints”.
  2. Same Arabic font(s) like “Widget Blueprints”, which are the standard that comes with Windows.
  3. Exact same version/build of UE4 (all the way till 4.25 Preview 3).

… and got same results which is: Arabic letters show broken, i.e. no contextual analysis which is the process that takes care of joining the characters together inside the word.
Aside from that it they are adjusting correctly the change in parameters like bevel, etc… (I did not do extensive test on all parameters like the new ones, kerning etc…, but willing to help if requested).

Thanks again,
M Sanioura

Hello Sir I have this problem I can’t write the whole text in Arabic all the letters are broken

@msanioura @Chiya.Info I checked, and support for complex shaped text should be coming to Text 3D in 4.26.

thanks that’s good News

Great… hope it really makes it to 4.2.6 though; Last time when it was released on 4.24 I was told it would be fixed in 4.25.

How to gather .csv file (StringTable) with Localization Dashboard ?

I believe Content/Localization is excluded from the gather by default, as it is only expected to contain the generated localization files. You can either remove the exclusion, or put your CSV String Tables elsewhere.

Sounds great, thank you