Localized text in default props?

I still need to add localization to my game. I’m curious if it is possible to add localization to text in default props?

Any insight would be much appreciated.


I think if you wanted to do it that way, you’d have to come up with your localization system. You might have to make an enum for the languages you want to include and then for all of your strings, replace them with an array of structs of [language, string], and then depending on what language your game is running in, use the appropriate string.

My understanding of UDK’s localization is that you declare a variable localized:

class SomeClass extends Actor;

var localized string SomeString;

…and then you go into your various localization files and enter the values there:

SomeString="Here is a string in this language."

So to sum up, I think if you want to use the built-in localization functionality, you have to use the localization files. If you want to enter stuff into default properties, you’ll have to come up with your own system.


Personally, I rather dislike the built-in localization functionality. From what I understand, you have to create a whole different class for each individual thing you want to create and have localized text for. So for example, I could put in my game a sword and an axe that are both archetypes made from my weapon class. They could share all of the underlying code, and I would just change some values (static mesh, weapon name such as “axe,” damage, swing speed, etc.) in the editor to differentiate them. But if I want to localize the weapon’s name, then I have to create separate classes that extend my weapon class: Weapon_Sword and Weapon_Axe, for example. And then I would have to go into the localization files and add…



…which is not nearly as convenient as just making new archetypes in the editor, IMHO. I haven’t tried doing localization any other way, so I couldn’t say for sure that there’s a better way.

Thanks for the response @Nathaniel3W. That helps a lot :slight_smile: