Localized sequencer


I am using the Localization Dashboard to manage the translations of our project, Both Text and Audio Localization works fine, and I am “switching” between languages sending launch parameters to the .exe in Windows.

While I am working on the editor, I can go to any of my localizations and click on preview in editor, so I can see the differences in text sizes or check if there is something wrong, but that does not applies to the audio, especially with the sequencer, when I would like to adjust cinematic events to the audio, but I can only manage to work on my main language, the translations are only being applied on launch/packed version, is it possible to make the language change inside the editor?

thanks in advice :slight_smile:


My main lenguage in the project is Spanish (es) and my second one is English (en), and I would like to edit the sequencer by hearing to the english localized sound, is it possible?

I have tried to add “-game” and “-culture=en” parameters but didn´t work

Thanks for your time.

Do you have two sequence assets (one source, and one localised), or are you trying to do something else?

We’ve never tested localising sequence assets (and the option in the Content Browser is actually disabled for them as they may contain bytecode, and assets containing bytecode aren’t localised).

When you say “preview in editor”, I assume you mean the option in the translation editor?

Regarding asset localisation, no, you can’t preview that in the editor (an editor will never perform asset localisation as it happens at a very low-level, and would prevent you being able to edit your source asset). You can however run the editor with -game and then override the culture like you would with a cooked or packaged game.