Localized gravity changes

Am making a game set on the Moon, and i want the gravity to be set at 1/6 Earths gravity when on the surface. I’ve followed tutorials about lowering the world gravity, but after everything i try, when the character jumps, they just keep flying up, no matter how i set the gravity. Can anyone offer any advice on how to bring the character back down? I tried using a water volume to simulate the slower speed when walking, but i cant get the character to jump.

Not sure, if this might help you, but maybe it´s possible with this plugin here:

I have seen this plugin before and watched the demo videos. Not sure if it would be for me however. I dont want to change the direction of gravity, just decrease it slightly in certain areas (and not go flying upwards when i jump?

For my game I’m trying to achive exactly the same, having an earth like gravity when being inside a building on the surface. My current solution is a low global gravity and volumes which apply a constant force in negative z-direction for all actors within their bounds. This is working fine for the player character where I’m applying the force through the movement component. For other actors I experience strange results like a ball bouncing up and down while rolling.

Thanks. With the negative Z force, does it mean you move slowly when walking and jumping?

Nope. You walk and jump as usual, but obviously not as high.

There are still some problems with my solution, like the strange behaviour I mentioned and I don’t know how to apply the effect for volumes other than cubes. But since it’s my first try to build a game there are tons of other things not working well, so it’s ok for me right know :wink: