Localized Damage / Hitbox

Hello, I am trying to make a hitbox system, i created a bunch of colliders linked to bones (picture below) and now i would like to try to use them with my projectile but I am not sure of how to proceed.

I have a simple projectile which has a custom object type, and actors that can be damaged simply have a collision object response with this type.

What i originally planned was to use custom damage types, and when the projectile start overlapping with an actor, ApplyDamage, but it can only be used with the actor, not with the overlapped collider itself, so i can’t have custom event from the Head collider or Arm colliders for instance.

A way i found was to use the OnComponentBeginOverlap from the receiving actor side, and then fetch the DamageType of the projectile colliding to finally ApplyDamage to self, which sound weird to me, not to mention i have to do an extra check if the overlapping actor is from the right object type, which i would not have the need if it was made from the projectile side.

Another way would be to call a custom damage event and passing the hitbox with it, and make checks on the other side depending of the component received.

Anyway, I would like to know if there is a way to do what i wanted originally: check for overlap and apply damage from the projectile to the hitbox components or not.