Localization Tutorial

Hey guys, I made a Tutorial on the wiki on how to translate / localize your game and change the language at runtime. I know it’s a bit much text, but maybe you find this useful:

Please tell me what you think :slight_smile:
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well, i tried to learn Localization and failed many times
this time i added your wiki to my watch list
thanx for the page :smiley:

Hope you get to your goal! Thanks for feedback :slight_smile:

This is great! Herzlichen dank!

Keine Ursache :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback

Thank you iUltimateLP :slight_smile:

Your tutorial made it a breeze to implement three languages rather quickly. One note worth mentioning is that when Packaging the game you need to make sure that all the Cultures you’re targeting are selected.

EDIT: Also, please note that I had to disable the version control plugin, otherwise it was causing a problem with localization files.

Awesome! Nicht schlecht :slight_smile:

Nice, tutorial !

Thank you very much :smiley:

Thanks, very useful!

wonderful tutorial

Thanks for all the kind words :slight_smile: Glad you enjoyed it and I hope it helped you!

Thank you!

Great tutorial and very understanding. I want to ask if you could help me. I am developing a mobile application and I am trying to make the localization now. In your tutorial everything is handled by Ftext variables. In my case though, I have created a UMG with the basic functions of my application, through the widget blueprint, and the only types are “Text”, “Text Box” and “Editable Text”. The “text box” and “editable text” are gathered by the localization dashboard but they are undesirable, do you know if I somehow can gather the “Text”, or replace/make it Ftext, so that I can continue?

First, thanks a lot for this tutorial.

But, i have a problem to do this work.

When i test the code in VS, get the error:
‘UBlieprintFunctions’: is not a class or namespace name.
Can u help me?


I struggled with this litteraly two weekes. All you have to do is add #define UNIVERSE_API in the header of yourfunction.h before everything.
But it still doesn’t show up as a Blueprint :confused:

I followed your guide since I couldn’t get the setup as described at https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Gameplay/Localization/Setup/index.html to work.

But it seems this approach stores its configuration in a totally different format and location and is not recognized by the GatherText-commandlet. How do you invoke the PO import/export from commandline with your approach?

Hi There

I was able to get the internationalization work for Korean on UE-4.19.2 but when I package my game it simply does not work like either it shows unknown character symbols or just a same Korean character repeated for every letter. I think it has something to do with fonts though I added the font for translated text as well. All I found that people have the same problem.


Please help!!

Thank you very much, worked like a charm :slight_smile: Note that localization only works in standalone! Since I develop for VR it took me while to notice. Also I had to deactivate the plastic SCM plugin.