Localization support

Are there any documentation about how the localization support works? I found the config files to add new cultures but how can I add or change localized strings?

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I am currently working on a tutorial for this, adding support for Klingon to UE4. I will update this when i get that tutorial together.

Hi eGo,

We unfortunately, do not have any documentation regarding the localization system in UE4 at the moment. But we have been putting a lot of time and effort into UE4’s localization system. We’ve scrapped UE3’s system entirely and have started introducing localization concepts from the ground up in the engine.

I would keep on the look out for documentation regarding this but in the mean time I can answer any specific questions you might have regarding the system.

As a general overview of how the system works…

  1. Developers build their game using FText properties and LOCTEXT macros.
  2. Automation is run which extracts all the source text from assets and source code files.
  3. The source text is put into a manifest file, which are paired with one or more archive files which hold the actual translations for each culture.
  4. The manifest file and archives are then used to generate a locres file which the engine uses.

Here’s the latest greatest documentation we have for the UE4 localization systems.

Better late then never. :slight_smile: