Localization slow FPS problem - Thai and Hindi, other languages are without problems


I have problem with Thai and Hindi localizations in our game, we have 15 languages (english, german, french, italian, spanish, portuguese, russian, japanese, turkish, korean, indonesian, chinese and thai, hindi). All languages except Hindi and Thai works perfectly, Iam using one composite font for all of them, with sub fonts for japanese, chinese, korean, czech, russian, thai and hindi.

The problem is, when I switch via bluerpint node SetCurrentCulture into hi-IN (Hindi) or th-TH (Thai), then fps in game drops from 180fps to 30fps (in case of Hindi) and from 180fps to 90fps (in case of Thai). Strange behavior is, when I tried different fonts, fps drop was a bit different, sometime it was from 180fps to 15fps (in case of Hindi) and sometime it was 180fps to 70fps (in case of Thai). All 13 other languages dont have any fps drops.

It’s a bit frustrating, I have tried like 20 different fonts with almost same results. Iam using same localization pipeline for all languages and just these two are doing that giant drops.

Word count is 2850 words.

UE version 4.24.2

Thank you very much for your help!

I have made for test Third Person blank project with one widget containing about 22 text blocks with ~100 words each. English language is native and for testing i have made 2 other translations of that text, one is czech and one is hindi. I have 1 composite font, main font is for english, 1 subfont is for czech, 1 subfont is for hindi. Problem is when I switch language ingame via SetCurrentCulture, than Hindi make extreme fps drops, czech and english is without problems. Internationalization support is All, languages are checked in packaging…

Report it as a bug

Link with test project 47,5MB, C change language to czech, X to hindi

Same result in 4.25.1

Reported as bug, if you anyone know how to fix this, please tell us. We are launching our game soon and we dont want to lose India, Thai market in this step.

Do you have a bug report number or did you get any more information back from Epic on this issue?