Localization questions

Hey guys,
got some questions in terms of the localization.

1.) Is GetCurrentLanguage() (or something like that, to get the Steam Language) finally included in the OnlineSubSystem(.h), or do i have to add it by myself and recompile the engine? (Would like to avoid that)
2.) If Yes, is it exposed to use it in BP?
3.) Is there a way to change the language while runtime (except for console commands, which are not working in the production build) or at least change the config file to change it with a game restart?
4.) If Yes, is it exposed to BP? If no, what’s the c++ function name?

Thank you!

Anybody? :smiley:

Ehh, I don’t know traditional programming, but if you asking about change the language, there is something called localization from the Dialogue Wave, but I’ve dropped the engine subtitle system because it relies on audio (at least as far I’ve been into), there is not option to rely on time and it would get a truckload of unecessary instances for my case.

Yes, the localization stuff is working correctly.
Problem is: You have to start the game with a start parameter to change the language (which isn’t supported by steam) or change the default language before packaging.
But there’s no option to change the language while runtime (except for the console commands, which arent working on the production build).

Looking for a solution for that.

It does work ingame by a console command?

Then I think the solution would be creating the “Execute Console command” node into your desired BP and type the command into it, then assign to a command in order to change.

They’re only working in PIE, not in the production build.