Localization issue when formatting numbers in french

Hey guys, i’m using 4.24. Since i updated my project to this version i have an annoying issue with localization when formating numbers.

As explained in the documentation (Text Localization in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation), under the default generation rules, the floating-point number “1234.5” would generate as “1,234.5” under English, “1 234,5” under French.
Thing is, since 4.24 the separator called by the function is the wrong one for the french localization (i mean, not sure why it changed). It can be tested with the ToText(integer) node but it happens in the editor as shown in my screenshot.
I’m using the default font (think it’s roboto), i never had this issue, and never messed with any font-related things, it also happens in a blank project, and on 2 computers.

So i have two question:

  • first, can you reproduce this issue? I mean, i never touched anything related to the font but you never know. Wanted to ask before reporting this as a bug. It’s incredibly annoying and probably really easy to fix.
  • second, is it possible to change the separator for a language?

Thank you!

For anyone encountering this issue, it has been fixed with the 4.24.2 update :slight_smile:

***Fixed!** UE-85612 Font rendering issue: digit separator character in french locale*