Localization in build

Hello everyone,
I’m having trouble with localization in a shipping build with my project.
I’m using 4.14 so i use the FInternaziolation::SetCurrentCulture function exposed to Blueprint to change the current culture.
I use a lot of DataTables to get Text for Cinematics, Tasks etc.
Everything works fine in standalone, anyway when i build the project in shipping mode, the localization work for everything except for DataTables.
When I call the function all words from GUI translate correctly, but my Tasks or Subtitles don’t translate. They remain in English even if i “setCurrentCulture=it”.
In packaging settings, i set “use Pak files” to true, and i set “internationalization to EIFGS” since i’m using Italian and English.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

Ok the problem seems that my DataTables are encoded in UCS-2.
Anyway I’m not able to reimport them in UTF. Indeed as soon as I “Reimport” data tables, Unreal convert them in UCS-2 again.
Is this linked with some localization attributes in the localization dashboard or to the datatables themselves?

Tge problem seems not linked to the encoding.
But if I remove all references of the dataTables in my Blueprints, they works.
So I don’t really know what’s wrong.