[LOCALIZATION] How to add my own Culture

I want to localise my game in to the Greek language, but the el_GR culture is missing from the cultures list in the Localisation Dashboard. Is there a way I can add it?


We do have that culture available, but it seems that the set of internationalisation data loaded by the editor is missing it. That’s a bug on our part, sorry about that, we’ll get it fixed for 4.11.

In the mean time, you can delete the existing “icudt53l” folder in UE4\Engine\Content\Internationalization, and replace it with the “icudt53l” folder from UE4\Engine\Content\Internationalization\All. That will give you access to all of the cultures we know about.

You’ll also need to change your “Internationalization Support” setting to “All” to make sure that the data is packaged for your game. This can be found in your Project Settings, under the advanced settings in the “Packaging” section.


Excellent! It works!!!

@Jamie; Anyway to share the changelist at which this was fixed, if it was? We’re using an older version of Unreal Engine (4.8) and I’d like to integrate this change over since we’re also trying to add support to a language other than the ones supported outside of all.

Otherwise, you’re suggesting replacing the icudt53l folder with the contents from the all folder which would probably work fine. Seeing as these files are usually obtained automatically by the GitDependencies exe, it wouldn’t cause any problem to setup our depot to directly contain the files instead?

It was fixed, but there’s probably not a modular change that you can see.

Updating your own Git repo with the changes I mentioned above would likely be the simplest solution :slight_smile:

Thanks Jamie!