localization for plugin

Hi, we’ve written an unreal project, which is used as a plugin, and have also done the localization for this project. Now if I open the project as a game, the localization works fine. I can see all the texts are in target language. However, when I move the project into the plugin folder, Engine/Plugins/MyPlugin, it seems Unreal is not picking up the localization resources and it’s still showing the default English text where I expected to see my target language. Does this mean I am not creating the plugin properly? I basically copied the /Content/ folder in the game (which has the localization/myproject/ folder into Engine/Plugins/MyPlugin.

Please help. Thanks!

You’ll need to add the path to the list of LocalizationPaths so that it can be found. Given you’ve put it in Engine, I imagine DefaultEngine.ini would be the one you’d want to add the path to:


I’ve assumed that’s your path; fix it if needed, and replace {targetname} with your actual localisation target name (the folder containing your manifest, archive, and locres files).

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Yes, this worked for me! Thank you! :slight_smile: