Localization for bundle display name not worked


I’m trying to make my app display name can change when the os region changed.

I do what this document said(Actually the folder name is incorrect, in UEDeployIOS.cs line 866, it find “/Resources/Localizations”, so i changed my folder’s name from “Localization” to “Localizations”), and i saw the UBT copied the InfoPlist.strings file to mac and packaged.

But when i installed the ipa on my device(ipad 2020), the app display name is [PROJECT_NAME].

My settings:

  1. ProjectSettings->IOS->BundleDisplayeName = [PROJECT_NAME]
  2. Use RemoteBuild
  3. UnrealEngine version is 4.25

Does anyone know what happened? or i missed something?

Here is what i written in the InfoPlist.strings

“CFBundleDisplayName” = “硅语放松”;

“CFBundleDisplayName” = “GuiYuRelaxtion”;

I’m having same issue Is there any update?

Xcode will use some settings in .xcodeproj file when build and packge the project.
And ue project’s .xcodeproj file is automatically written by UBT, and some specific parameters not expose for developer, so you can’t use the strings file.
If you need this furture, the only way is modify engine code.

Can you elaborate on how to change it? I’m also having this issue