Localization crash because of missing command line argument


I tried to run a localization stuff, but it fails because there’s no required command line argument.

I’m developing a game engine module in a separate dll. In order to be memory safe, I use alligned ansi malloc instead of default tbb malloc (cannot make it work for dll). So, I start my project with -ansimalloc flag during development. Shipping conf will use static library, so it will be completely on tbb.

Localization command line is ‘myproject.uproject -run=GatherText -config=Config\Localization\Game_Gather.ini’. But I need ‘myproject.uproject -ansimalloc -run=GatherText -config=Config\Localization\Game_Gather.ini’.

So we need a way of adding this command line parameter to every invocation.

I also found this ticket Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-28185) It looks similar to my issue.

And my proposal is to add to project settings special field called additional command line arguments. They will be stored in .uproject and added to command line args virtually after every project startup. So we solve any other issues with any type of invocations (localization, from project selector, preparing for shipping etc.).

Every invocation will be fully provided with necessary flags. It is also possible to add different flags to different configurations like in Visual Studio.

Hello Izwdgc,

Thank you for reporting this issue. After speaking to the team in charge of the Localization Dashboard, they mention that there will be changes coming that should alleviate the issues you’re seeing with your commandline arguments. As for the bug report that you linked to, it’s already reported but neither of these issues are high priority at the moment so it may not be implemented any time soon.

Have a nice day!