Local wind for cloth

I made a cape for my character. It works fine with animations but a bit boring.
Now i added a windDirectionalSource in the scene and it looks nice and flowy. It animates on its own due to the wind.
The problem is it works best when its aimed against the cape.

I could update the wind orientation based on which direction the character is facing.
So now i have an issue. I want to have multiple characters with cape it will be a mess…

How can i have a localized wind source for my cloth. Is that even possible? Ideally i want wind source per character for its cloth.

How to do it?

Kind of got it to work…
I am creating point wind with very small radius that is being attached to a socket in the skeleton, which is very close to the root of the object and that placement kind of determines the wind direction.
It seems like its working nice even when two objects are next to each other, as long as the radius is small.
Not sure how performant it is… So far so good.