Local Variables on Function Creation in BP

In my opinion, one of the most frustrating things when creating a new function in blueprints is when the function has multiple parameters but to access these parameters, you have to either store them as local variables yourself or drag the pin which can become a pain in a large function. My suggestion is to make it so that the parameters of a function are automatically stored and available by input name just like they are available in c++. It seems like they are already stored since you cannot create a local variable with the same name as an input parameter. I understand that it’s a possibility that this hasn’t been implemented because of the limitations of BP’s. If that’s the case, I would love to know so I can stop complaining to the rest of our team about it =P

Hi Dirtsleeper! This has been requested before and there is a report for it located here. Please vote on it in there and I’ll also bring up this request is still very much desired in my reports.

EDIT: There is also a fix in 4.16 you may want to check out.