Local two-player input - how?

I am wondering if it possible to have 2+ input devices on a single PC controlling different parts of the same player character (although controlling 2 entirely different functionalities, e.g. one player using one gamepad to move, another one using another gamepad to shoot/reload/switch weapons)


yes you can do it. Not sure if there is out of box support for multiple game pads.
But you can do that input for keyboard and gamepad. So one player can use keyboard other can use pad.

So I’d simply define different actions/axes for each and then use those inputs?

Having several gamepads would be handy in case I ever decide to port it to XB1/PS4, and simply because it’s just more fun to use bluetooth gamepads sitting away from PC :slight_smile:

check if unreal has more than single pad support.
Plug two of them, see how to make both work in windows (ie make sure you can read both in control panel of windows).
Then find out if you can read them in unreal.

Btw. not sure how it is now but there are at least two device driver types for pads, unreal supports only one kind of devices, sadly i forgot which one.
That could be also improved since i checked it more than year ago.

Apparently it’s not possible. However, having 2 players would allow usage of second gamepad.

Since I need only 1 character, I wonder if I can have player1 attached to player0, so that when player0 moves, player1 moves with it automatically. If such contraption is achievable, how do I do that? (I am guessing I have to cast to each other player to get/set location/rotation)

you get 2 player controllers. Both read their gamepad input.

Then you send both inputs over to same pawn.

I see. How do I set up player character with 2 player controllers ?